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Thursday, 16 February 2012

What now?

I have finally taken the plunge and applied to several illustration agents.  It has been a long time coming.  Now that I have settled on a style, created lots of new images and updated my website I had no excuse.  I feared rejection but as everybody tells me, including my lovely girlfriend, you need to apply to get rejected.  So now we will wait and see.

This has also given me the confidence to finally get some promotional postcards made, which I will do the next payday which I belive is the 28th.  Now I have written it in my blog I can not make any more excuses as to why I am not sending my stuff out there.

The strange thing is my mood has risen right after sending the e-mails, maybe I should learn something from this

I have also been drawing...drawing a lot here is some of the work...

These are both reworks of previous drawings

I have also completed my first Magnus the Battle Hamster cartoon and coloured it too

And I have coloured in the Jaws cartoon too

You may also noticed I have got rid of my water-mark as i felt it took away from the image.  I have replaced it with a stylised copyright in the bottom.  If I find people have been taking my images and using them I could sue them as I have records of when I created them all over the internet.  I also looked at other illustrators and they are doing something similar.

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