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Saturday, 23 June 2012

My new book

I have been very quiet here on my blog.  The main reason is I have been busy working on illustration a book for Ghostly Publishing (  Written by Leyland Perree and a illustrated by me.

It is avaliable for pre-order on Amazon (

Although this is not my first book I have illustrated it is the first one for a publisher.  I am finding it hard going as I am used to drawing for myself, but I know this is the nature of the beast and I think I am begining to get the hang of it.

My drawing style is quite laboured as I use 5 different pens and sort of draw the same image 5 times but it is my style now and I can't draw as fast as I used to.  Also my colouring (digitally) has become a bit more laboured as I now use shading.  Although my drawing style has become more labour intensive I think it has brought my style to a new level.  Something to be proud of.

Just to show you what I mean, this was drawn for a devinat art group challenge.  To draw in this case Sponge Bob Square pants in the artists own style.  I really enjoyed doing this and I am pleased with the outcome.

Now I am turning my hobby into a job I must not loose my love of drawing.  So I will be trying to work on the Great Reef Race and drawing for myself on occasions too.

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